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By faith we believe The Holy Bible to be the inspired Word of God.

In the oneness of God – that there are three manifestations of the one God: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


The name by which God is known is Lord Jesus Christ.

In the virgin birth, death, burial, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.


In the necessity of baptism in water in Jesus’ name according to Acts 2:38, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:4. This constitutes the new birth spoken of by the Lord Jesus Christ in St. John 3:5.


In living a holy, consecrated, and sanctified life.

In the translation of the saints, commonly known as the Rapture (I Thess. 4:13-18)

Vision – To reach the lost and teach the found! We are a ministry of Excellence and Order; called to "A Life to CHRIST", "A Life to Serve", "A Life to Give", and "A Life to Praise". Judah Life is Destined to minister to the totality of Mankind; body, soul, and spirit.


Mission – We are called to disciple men and women, and have them disciple others. We are here to develop God-given gifts and talents, and to inspire a spirit of excellence in the Lord. We are called to bring glory to the Lord JESUS CHRIST and to build His kingdom.


Our Vision &

    Our Mission


Judah Life Destiny Church was founded on March 7, 2010. With only 5 committed members, we launched our first service in a local hotel in the great city of Indianapolis, Indiana. We have transitioned four times to larger locations, and in May 2019, the Lord expanded us in a move to the west side of the Circle City! Partnering with our friends at Christ Church Apostolic, we are blessed to be worshipping in the chapel of that beautiful campus. Judah Life enjoys full access to all of their splendid facilities and services including a gymnasium, baptismal pool, banquet hall, offices, classrooms, and space for a whole host of activities, both large and small. We are a growing, progressive, dynamic, loving, and Christ-centered ministry. We promise to love you to life!

Our Journey...

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